Glenn M. Taylor is a multi-talented artist/composer/engineer/producer, who heads up his own audio production company,"Taylor- Made" Productions.

Taylor presents a lifetime of experience in music and audioproduction, excelling on several musical instruments, acousticand electric, including a vast knowledge of programming andsequencing w/ MIDI hardware & software. He is equally at homein live performance (with his band The Kootz), aswell as creating / arranging his own original compositions, sounddesigning production elements or commercial spot-recordingproduction.

Taylor fuses his musical strength with years of radio,theatrical and television experience, resulting in a productioncompany with multiple capabilities, servicing the broadcast,film, advertising and corporate AV communities as well as being aproduction resource for seasoned recording artists.

TMP's greatest strength is also its centerpiece; It's 'state-of-the-art' studio-facility. Sporting a host of current and vintage technology, both in recording gear and with a massive collection of studio instruments... Digital AND analog, with sync to picture; DoReMi non-linear, Beta SP, 3/4"-U-matic and S-VHS video layback, AMEK 88 channel automated console, 48/32/24 track linear as well as 32-channels/64-tracks of Pro Tools™ HD-Digital 'tapeless' audio capability, MIDI / Macintosh (MOTU Digital Performer), "Supertrue" computer-assisted mixing plus a huge archive of computer-referenced digital effects and music libraries...a multitude of different project types can be accommodated.

Taylor, through his company, has produced major labelrecording artists, written national commercials, scored featurelength productions, and produced scores (no pun) of radio spots.Additionally, he has penned the music for many documentary filmsas well as a host of Fortune 500 corporate A/V productions.

For further information, contact Glenn Taylor at (973)226-1461 or via FAX at (973) 226-1462.


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